May 6, 2009

4 months old and learning new tricks!

Jude just had his 4 month check up. He is growing well! He is now 13lbs 11oz and 26 inches long. He also had a few shots. He didn't like these ones too much and screamed until we gave him a pacifier. Funny thing is that he really doesn't like his we were amazed when it calmed him down. Glad we had it with us!

Well Jude is now finally enjoying tummy time. We have to line up his toys and help him stay occupied, but it is a huge step forward!

He loves his cousins! Every time he sees them he smiles so big! I think he likes to have people his size around. Kaia and Jude like to hold hands...

He is finally using his hands a ton and grabbing everything in sight! He has a favorite toy that hangs from his carseat and has a ring that he pulls on and it makes a buzzing noise. The other day I was driving in the car and kept hearing that noise over and over again. He loves to let go of it, grab it, and pull. Over and over again. It's great that he can finally entertain himself! He can also hold onto his bottle.

Unfortunately he loves watching TV. But sometimes when he is fussy I can put on a Baby Einstien and he will be occupied while I jump in the shower. At least I feel like it is somewhat stimulating and doesn't fry his brain, right? When I came out I saw him doing this...

I've got a thumbsucker!

Daddy & Jude also have "the trick" mastered! He is growing up so fast. We are so grateful for how healthy and strong he is getting. We love him so much and cherish every moment!

Happy 2 Years & Stuff...

Nick and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on March 30. It has been an amazing 2 years with Nick and I can't wait to spend many, many more with him. He is my love, my life, my rock and nobody can make me laugh like he can! My Mom came to visit and so did my sister Stephanie and her husband Adam. We were able to get away to St. George and My Mom, Becky, Stephanie, & Adam took turns taking care of Jude. We were so grateful for them to come and watch Jude! It was so nice to get away and spend time together. We enjoyed the nice weather, went miniature golfing, swimming, saw a movie, and got some needed sleep! Oh and went to In n' Out, of course! It was a low-key but much needed vacation!

We went to my Grandparents in Salt Lake for General Conference. It was nice to spend time with them! My Grandma & Grandpa just love Jude! It's so fun to see how excited they both get.

Also my great Aunt Manie was there and just loved Jude! She was cracking us all up by how active she was and running around the room in circles to get Jude's attention. She told us that she went to the doctor for a check up and he told her she could live another 20 years! (Mind you she is 93 years old!) She even went outside with the boys and shot airsoft guns. She is so full of life. I hope I can be that active when I get old like her!

Also my cousin Josh and his wife Anays were there and Jude loves them!! They have a blast with him! We love all our family so much and know that Jude does too!