January 27, 2009

5 weeks old!

Our little Superman caught in action! Ready to conquer the world after a bath and a fresh, new diaper!

January 10, 2009

Our Little Man

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays! For us the holidays came and went...Jude has kept us pretty busy. Now to give a brief update. Right after Jude was born the nurses noticed he was breathing very shallow and too quick. They took him over to the little NICU and put him on an I.V., feeding tube and oxygen. He was struggling with TTN. He was progressively getting better over the next few days, but still not well enough to leave the hospital. I delivered him at the Orem Community Hospital (I highly reccommend it! The nurses were absolutely fabulous!) and since it is a smaller hospital and it was over the holidays, we were able to stay at the hospital while Jude was needing to stay there. My family and Nick's family were all in town and I was hoping to have Jude blessed before everyone left. Since his stay in the hospital was longer than we had hoped, we were given special permission to take him to our room so he could be blessed. It was a very special moment because we hadn't been able to take him out of the NICU. Nick gave a wonderful blessing and has shown me what a great dad he is and will continue to be.

Kekoa is Jude's middle name and it means strong, courageous warrior. We felt like he was!

We were in the hospital for a week and got the okay from our pediatrician to take him home on December 30. Just in time for the New Year! We were grateful we didn't have to spend two holidays in the hospital. My mom came and spent the next few days with us before she had to leave to get back to teaching school, and she was such an amazing help! Nick and I were so grateful for the time we had with her. She never ceases to amaze me with how much she can get done in one day. It was so nice to have my family here and enjoy our sweet little guy. Nick's mom has been able to stay with us for the last week and will be with us a little longer. It has been so nice to have her around as well. She has taught us a couple tricks to getting Jude to bed and has been so very helpful! It's been so nice that we can depend on family for all their help! Nick and I have been so blessed with all that everyone has done for us and baby Jude. We are forever grateful!

first day home!

Jude is doing well now and is almost 3 weeks old! It is crazy how time flies with a newborn. He has really been such a good baby and is such a joy to have around!