July 24, 2008

first comes love, then comes marriage....

then comes.....

that's right! if you haven't heard already nick and i are expecting a little one to join our family on dec. 21! i am almost 19 weeks pregnant and we are about to find out if it's a boy or girl! i waited for a long time to post anything because we are surprising nick's brother dan and my sister becky who are both on missions and are getting home next week. i didn't want them to find out on the blog before we could tell them ourselves.
we told nick's family over memorial day weekend while we were camping. we put our niece malina in a onesie that we custom made. it said on the front "i can't wait to meet...." and on the back it said "the baby in auntie's belly on dec. 20". i held her facing frontwards until someone noticed and then i flipped her over and handed her to nick. everyone was so excited! (i will post a pic of the onesie soon). this will be the third grandchild for grandma and grandpa corotan in a little over a year!
we told my family by having my mom wrap up a box and gave it to the family to open. nick and i were on the phone but she didn't tell anyone who it was. so they had no idea what was going on! watch this video of them being surprised...

this will be the first grandchild on my side and officially make my parents old!

July 14, 2008

San Fran pics... finally!

the beautiful golden gate bridge
nick , me, emileah and richie

a lovely hill we climbed to get to coit tower

coit tower. the view from here was amazing!

can you see the parrots? they were every where in the trees
on our way down from coit tower. they were beautiful!

this pier has all kinds of shops, restaurants, and even magic shows!

alcatraz! i was so bummed the tickets were sold out so this was as close as we got..

fisherman's wharf... need i say more.

we missed the "bushman"! but here are his things.
he sits behind his self made bush and scares people
and makes about 120 grand a year. check it out on youtube.

every woman's dream come true....

so we have been having some trouble with our internet again. i am so sad i haven't posted since may! to give you a quick update nick is has been going to byu this spring and summer and is now currently working for a company called orange soda. i have recently moved salons. it is a cute vintage house and is not a typical hair salon. the salon name is lush studio and is located on state street in orem. for those of you who need the number it is 426-5909. i have really been enjoying it there!

my brother phil has now been in the mtc learning spanish for a month now and is looking forward to go to chile soon. my mom came to drop him off at the mtc and then stayed with nick and i for a little while.( it was so nice to have her here! i never realize how much i miss her until i have her here and then she has to leave.)i have been very impressed with the long detailed letters he has been sending. i am glad because i didn't think we would get much out of him. :) my sister becky will be home from her mission in arizona on july 29! i can't believe it has already been a year and a half! she will hopefully be coming out to byu soon. i can't wait to see her! nick's brother dan is coming home from his mission in south korea on july 30! it's crazy to think that he has been gone two years! we are so excited to see them both and are so proud of all they have accomplished!

we just celebrated nick's 24th birthday on july 1st. i can't believe he is that old! it was a fun day! we celebrated with almost his whole family at red robin and enjoyed the day. he got some new clothes and shoes and a fishing pole. fishing has been a new favorite of his. i am very mad at myself that i didn't get any pictures. well there is always next year....right? i'm terrible...

last saturday we went to a drive in movie! it was so fun but nick and i didn't realize how popular it was going to be! we got there a little to late to see kung fu panda. so we ended up watching 'journey to the center of the earth' and 'get smart'. i have to say i was not to impressed with 'journey to the center of the earth'. maybe i was just bummed because we didn't see 'kung fu panda'. i really did like 'get smart'. you can never go wrong with a movie that steve carell is in.