March 13, 2009

Daddy or Mommy?

So I was going through some old pictures because I was curious who Jude looks like. Nick or Me? I put some pictures on here so you can be the judge.


Nick (love that finger in the mouth!)



Jude (can you believe that drool? it only got worse!!)



Nick (Jude must get the drooling from Nick...:))

Mandi (awesome hair!)


Nick (I just want to squeeze Nick's little face!)

What do you think???

March 3, 2009

Fun Times!

So Nick is now playing in a band with Jake Kongaika. Jake started Cubworld and he has some great music! (Check it out on youtube or myspace). Nick's brothers (Dan and Gabe) are in the band as well. They played an acoustic show last week and Jude and I went with Nick's family. We have discovered Jude really loves lots of loud noise! He is mesmorized with it! So it was nice to get out of the house and take him to something that I knew he would like. The boys played an acoustic show this time.

Auntie Becky is always so good with Jude! He just loves her! They enjoyed the show together.

Also this last weekend we celebrated our little friend Liam's 1st birthday! It was fun to see everybody. We have finally gotten to a point where we can take Jude out more so it is so nice to hang out with friends again! Richie and Emileah are expecting another little one this fall so Liam is going to be a big brother! We are excited for them!
Liam was so fun to watch! It will be fun when Liam and Jude can play together. I can't wait until Jude is one and running around! But I do love the stage he is in now too.

Jude (look at that double chin!) and Liam! This was the best picture we could get... :)

Taking a nap...Jude loves his Uncle Dan!

Emileah made a special cake for Liam to "dig in" to all by himself. As you can see he didn't like it too much! He kept trying to get the chocolate off, but rubbed it all over himself! It was hilarious! Why is it when kids are given the ok to make a mess they get freaked out?