January 27, 2010

So Jude turned 1!...

on December 23... sorry to those of you who are still waiting for an update. I have been internetless for awhile because Nick takes the computer to school so when I have time to post I don't have a computer.

Anywho, Nick, Jude and I were able to go and celebrate Christmas with my family in Minnesota. It was freezing but so fun to be together! We were even able to go to Iowa for a couple days to see Steph and Adam. We had a great time and were so glad we could celebrate Jude's birthday with almost everyone. :)

Jude still isn't walking (which I am perfectly fine with) on his own. He likes to walk along walls and push toys, chairs, etc to keep himself standing up. He loves everyone he meets! I seriously cant believe how social he is. He pretends he's shy when he first gets someones attention and then is waving and blowing kisses by the time we leave. (Especially to the cute girls!) I think I am going to have a problem with him. He will probably be the kid in kindergarten chasing all the girls until he kisses them and makes them cry.. haha! He is also very interested in how things work. He loves buttons that turn anything off or on, wires and plugs, and wheels. He loves to turn anything over with wheels and just spin it forever. He loves music and a little drum we have for him. He always dances to the beat! He loves dogs and is never afraid of any size. It amazes me! He is such a great baby! We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

I love Jude!