May 6, 2008

kevin and lisa's wedding

so nick and i had a wonderful weekend! we were able to go to kevin and lisa hiatt's wedding in sacramento and it was so beautiful! they were married in the sacramento temple. it was stunning and i was surprised how similar the interior was to the newport beach temple. kevin and lisa make a beautiful couple and we are so excited for them! we were thinking that when we have kids and they have kids we might get them confused. ha! it will be interesting to see if they will be light or dark...

we stayed with steve and ashley smith. richie and emileah and little liam hiatt stayed upstairs with the rest of the hiatt family. and randy and nancy smith were there as well! it was like a big los alamitos party in sacramento! it was so fun! richie and emileah's baby, liam, has gotten so big! he is now 2 months and already weighs more than our petite niece who is almost 7 months. richie and emileah are great parents! it was also good to see bill, terri, aubrey and nate chapman. we all had a blast! the weekend was way too short!

randy, nancy, ashley, steve, and nick

richie, liam and emileah
aubrey, ashley and me
nick, steve, richie and nate

after the wedding and reception, nick and i really wanted to go to san francisco since neither of us had been and we were only about an hour and a half away. richie, emileah, and richie's sisters kendra and laci came with us. we had about half a day there and we saw alot! i will post some pictures later of what we saw and where we went.

nick and i were so glad to leave utah for a little while! once we were in california we were trying to figure out a good excuse to not come back.... but it is good to be off the road :)