January 22, 2008


so i can't even believe that christmas just flew by! we spent christmas in provo this year and nick's parents and youngest sister traveled here to be with all of us. the saddest part is that we didn't even take pictures during our first christmas! it makes me so sad....and we didn't even get a picture from new years either! we have a good camera so there is no excuse....

the highlight of our christmas was talking to becky my sister, who is on a mission in arizona, and nick's brother, who is on a mission in south korea. it was so good to hear how they are doing and we miss them so much!

we spent new years with nick's family and it was so fun! we played this great game called ticket to ride and played wii all night! even though it was hard to be away from my family, we had a good time.

so nick and i recently were called to work at the provo temple as ordinance workers. we have been doing it for two weeks now. we work on saturday nights from 5:30-10:30. our lives have been so blessed already for just working the two times. i know that they are in need of workers if you have weekends free. i would recommend it to everyone!