August 31, 2011

One year ago...

One year ago today I was 9 months pregnant ready to burst. Ready to meet my baby boy. I went into labor one year ago today. And I held my beautiful Quinn one year ago on September 1st.

One year ago, I became a mother of two boys. Heaven only knew how much fun they would have together.

One year ago, Jude became a big brother. Ready or not.

One year ago, Nick became a wonderful father of two.

They make each other laugh so hard it hurts. No one can make Quinn laugh harder than Jude. They look out for each other. They Quinn already knows how to fend for himself and can throw quite a punch.

Quinn is our peacemaker. Our easy going, fun loving, social, happy, drooling and energetic one year old. Happy birthday my sweet boy. I can't wait to enjoy many more with you.