July 28, 2009

6 Month Photo Shoot

So my cousin Cassidy took some pictures of Jude a little less than a month ago and I thought I should share some of these darling pics! Thanks again Cass!

July 21, 2009


So we have been very busy and I may have lost the pictures on my memory card! I am so sad. We are trying to retrieve them. Hopefully it works!

Well Nick had his 25th birthday on the first of July and we celebrated with friends and family. We had fun enjoying the day! He added to his collection of guitar pedals thanks to everyone. He loves playing with them!

Jude is now almost 7 months, growing strong and healthy. He has been eating rice cereal/sweet potatoes and he is finally getting the hang of it! It took a while for him to realize why we were shoving a spoon in his face. Once he realized there was food on it, he's loved it ever since! :)

We have been swimming lots with Jude and he loves to be outside. He loves the water and even lets us dunk him! We are hoping he will love the water as much as Nick does. It's looking good so far.

He is now sitting up by himself pretty good. We were at a restaurant the other day and set him in his car seat unbuckled. He wouldn't lay back and sat upright the whole time. We finally decided to get a high chair and he was so happy. I am now realizing that as much as we tried to get Jude to sit on his own, he did it when HE was ready. Oh and he also has his first tooth growing in!! I think he is working on his second because he has been pretty fussy today.

Today Nick, Jude and I went grocery shopping and spent a little more than I hoped. As we were walking out, there was a man who looked less fortunate that was walking in. His clothes were worn and his hair wasn't combed. He didn't really catch my eye until he stopped us. I thought he was going to ask us for money and I was preparing myself. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a quarter. He took my hand and put the quarter inside. He grinned and said "Put this in your baby's piggy bank". We were so humbled! What a generous act. I felt embarrassed that I had judged him. I learned my lesson and will be less quick to judge. I am also starting a piggy bank for Jude today!