December 18, 2007

so i had a long day at work the other day and i came home thinking about what to make for dinner. i walk in the door and i hear music playing and smell an amazing dinner. i looked around the corner and saw nick and a set table with candles lit! what a sweetheart! he knew i had a bad day and made me a great dinner!

after a great dinner of stir fry and rice it was time for a surprise dessert!

creamsicles!!! i love nick!

December 12, 2007

nick and i both had our work christmas parties. they were fun! my work party we ate at carrabba's (i am so sad i have been wasting my time on other food!) it was amazing! for nick's we went to dinner at a hotel and then went to the jazz game! we saw them play the miami heat... nick was stoked to see dwayne wade and shaq play. we had a good time driving on the way there and back... probably because we didn't have to drive...

thanksgiving was so wonderful! we were able to spend time with my grandparents, cousins, phil, steph & adam, and my dad in salt lake city in the morning. i am sad i didn't get any pictures with them. then we went to pleasant grove with nick's family and cousins. it was our first thanksgiving together as a married couple and i was so glad it turned out so smoothly (and that we were able to have two dinners :) ).

so we have been having a great time during the holidays! we hope everyone is too! while i was looking for some gift ideas and ran across this picture....

i can't believe how much it looks like lukey!!! i thought it was hilarious! denise, this would be a great present wouldn't it?! maybe a paperweight for derek at the office?