October 23, 2007

so for mandi's birthday she got a pretty awesome present... her very first niece! nick's oldest brother gabe and his wife jessica had a beautiful healthy baby girl! her name is malina kailani corotan. she weighed a little under 7 pounds...she's so little! we have been spending a lot of time with them just ooing and ahhing over her.

isn't she adorable? we just love her!

mandi is going to become a stylist at von curtis salon in a couple of weeks and she can't wait! nick has been doing great in school and enjoying the free time that he has. he is playing his first show with his band on saturday. they have been sounding great and it will be exciting to see them play!

its crazy to be back in utah with the crazy weather! it was a blizzard on saturday and has warmed up and a lot of the snow is gone...thank goodness! i mean come on... its not even halloween yet! hopefully the weather stays good for a little longer...